Thermo-mechanical Installations HVAC
Centralized air conditioning
Centralized heating
Ventilation systems
Air filtering systems
Sanitary Installations
Waste fluid evacuation
Drinking water distribution
Sewer drainage
Urban networks
Gas Installations
Mid and low pressure distribution
Storage plants
Local regulations
Urban networks
Fire control and Extinction
Fire extinction through sprinklers
Fire extinction through inert gases
Pressurization of escape ways
Fumes evacuation systems
Electrical Installations
Mid and low tension
Backup emergency generation
Automatic transformation
Cold Storage Installations
Cold storage chambers
Cooling tunnels
Water Detection Systems
Fire detection
Access control and security
Emergency address system
Remote controls
Telephone and Data Transmission Networks
Telephone switchboards
Structured Cabling
Grounding systems
Earthling connection
Lightning conductors
Line Filtering
Flow of Industrial Processes
Conduction of Industrial services
Piping & Instrumentals
Compressed air - Vacuum
Medical gases
Building Management Systems
Installation controls
Lighting controls
Energy saving controls
Maintenance control
Sound and anti-vibration consulting
Installation sound prevention
Design of special installations
Green buildings
Sustainability Analysis
LEED Certification.


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