ESTUDIO GRINBERG ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS first started its operations in 1972. It was created by Engineer German Grinberg, after his experience holding executive positions in the leading firms of the trade. At the beginning it focused exclusively on project design, management an execution of HVAC installations. Since 1990, through the incorporation of professionals specialized in other types of installations, our firm has dealt with the resolution of global projects related to installation such as: air conditioning, heating and mechanical ventilation; sanitary installations; gas and fire protection; electrical, automation and intelligent management; as well as acoustic installations. Thus, taking charge of the integrated coordination of the referred tasks, with the subsequent benefit for both the Architectural Studio and the Client. We firmly believe that the joint efforts of the different consultants (as it is habitual in Europe and the US) represent the evolution of consulting services in our country.
Since 2006, the firm has added services of sustainable development and green buildings advisory. Ofering also, qualifications of sustainable buildings under Leed Certification. The firm is the founder of the World Green Building's Argentine Council. (See | Emerging Green Building Council.|) Therefore, as an external consultant, architect Elsa Yasukawa (Leed accredited) has joined the studio.

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