Associate Professional. Coordinator of sanitary, gas and fire protection installations.

Personal Data  
Name: Jorge Labonia
Professional License: 16.730
University Education School of Architecture and Urban Planning
  University of Buenos Aires
  Degree: Architect. 1986.
  Professional License: 16730
Teaching Experience: 1986-1993 Professor of the Architecture course. Sanchez. Gomez, Lopatin, Berdichevski. School of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires.
Professional Experience: Founding Partner of Jorge Labonia Studio & Assoc. Consultants on Sanitary, Gas and Fire Protection Installations, since 1992, joining Studio Grinberg as Coordinator of Sanitary, Gas and Fire Protection Installations. 1985-1990 Worked at the Technical Department of the National Water Agency (OSN), 3 de Febrero branch, Province of Buenos Aires.
  1985-1990 Joined COINTER S.A. in 1980, reaching the position of Technical Representative for the company until 1998 Participated as lecturer in the 3rd. "National Congress on Sanitary, Gas, Heating and Fire Control Installations and their contribution to the Environment" on the issue of "Hot an Cold Water Supply in High Buildings"


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