Senior Associate. General Manager.

Personal Data
Name: Carlos Tomás Grinberg
Nationality: Argentine
Secondary Education Buenos Aires National College.
  University of Buenos Aires.
  Degree: Baccalaureate, 1974.
University Education Engineering School
  University of Buenos Aires.
  Degree: Industrial Engineer, 1984.
Teaching Experience: Professor at Engineering School of the University of Buenos Aires.
  Position obtained through contest and qualifications assessment.
Publications Plant Engineering System, Engineering School Publication, 1990 and subsequent editions.
Membership to Scientific associations Argentine Association of Installation Engineering Consultants (AAICI) Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) - Regular member A.S.H.R.A.E. American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Engineers.
Courses taken abroad PARE III (Program Argentina Entrepreneurs).
Course organized by The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), Yokohama, Japan. October-November 1990.
  Services and Information Technology for the Industrial Sector.
  Seminar organized by the UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organization). Paris, November-December 1992.
Professional experience 1980 - Thermo-mechanical Studio Eng. German Grinberg & Assoc. Currently Grinberg Studio Engineering Consultants. Acting as project designer, engineer, and later on, in 1986, becoming an associate to the firm. Participating in the project design of works carried out by the firm as previously detailed, where one can see the number and variety of works undertaken. At present, acting as general manager of Grinberg Studio.


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