Associate Professional. Coordinator of Cold Storage Installations.

Personal Data  
Name: Roberto Ricardo Aguiló
Nationality: Argentine
Secondary Education: National School N║9 "Cap. Justo JosÚ de Urquiza"
  Degree: Baccalaureate.
University Education Engineering School
  University of Buenos Aires
  Degree: Industrial Engineer.
Post Graduate Degree: Engineering School
  University of Buenos Aires.
  Graduate in Quality management and organization. 1989.
Professional Experience: 1981 - 1982: Assistant to the Planning and Purchase manager at Laponia S.A
  1982 - 1985: Chief of Technical Services and Distribution at Unilver S.A. Laponia Division./
  Since June 1985: Consultant on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System and Installations.
  1986 - 1991 Director of COTAIN S.A.
  1991 - 1998 President of COTAIN S.A.
  Since 1994: Professor of the Refrigeration Course of the Argentine Refrigeration Association.
  Since 1996 Professor of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course Argentine Institute of Industrial Automation.
  Lecturer in Specific courses at several universities (Lujan National University, National University of Misiones, University of Social and Entrepreneurial Sciences -UCES)
  Since 2003: Professor of the Cold Storage Installations of the Industrial Engineering Studies at the National University of Lujan.


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